Lens Database

Welcome to a non-profit website dedicated to autofocus and manual focus lenses. Our database contains 3050 lenses for 32 systems.

Our mission is to help you to quickly and conveniently choose a lens for your SLR or mirrorless camera. We provide you with an unprecedented range of free services and features that you will not find on any of the other websites devoted to the photographic lenses.

If you do not know what type of lens is required for shooting subjects relevant to you, then just use Find Lens service. Select camera brand, model and genre of photography and website will automatically find the right lenses for you.

If you know exactly what types of lenses are best suited for shooting in the desired genre, then select your system from the main menu of website. You can also find the lens by using the search form. However please be informed that the search is carried out only under the name of the lens rather than by its description.